This year will feature even more workshops and peer to peer learning opportunities.  We've added an entirely new block of workshops to the first day of the event and changed up how we'll facilitate the Peer Networking Sessions on day-three.

We'll also get your moving!  One of this year's Early Bird workshops will involve some classroom instruction coupled with an assignment that will find participants walking the streets of French Lick using what they've learned about evaluating a community's walkability.  

Many other workshops are a great mix of the practical nuts and bolts of running a government and the kind of innovation or best practices that could help you grow the quality of life in your community.  And, it wouldn't be an IACT Annual Conference if our workshop lineup didn't include the implementation requirements of many new laws passed during the recent legislative session! 


Come early to the conference and choose one of these Early Bird Workshops to attend! These extended workshops will go in-depth into their subject matter, and attendees will receive IACT Municipal Management Institute (MMI) credit for attending them.

1:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. (Early Bird Workshop)

Active Living Promotion and Complete Street Policies

Communities across Indiana are striving to create healthier places to support economic development, increase quality of life and attract new jobs.  This workshop will feature an educational presentation of lessons learned from community leaders, a small group exercise, and an interactive walking audit in downtown French Lick with the goal of attendees taking home real solutions to creating more active communities.  Learn how active living and complete streets can create better community health outcomes.  The skills gained during the workshop will empower participants to organize and lead similar efforts in their communities. 

Lindsey Bouza, Wellness and Physical Activity Coordinator, Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, Indiana State Department of Health
Charlie Campbell, Planning Director, City of Lebanon
Pete Fritz, Healthy Communities Planner, Indiana State Department of Health
Kim Irwin, Executive Director, Health by Design
Jessica Latus, Active Living Coordinator, Health by Design
Mandla Moyo, Community Outreach Director, AARP Indiana
Derek Warren, Planning and Zoning Administrator, City of Lebanon

1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. (Early Bird Workshop)

Maintaining an Up-to-Date Employee Manual      

Municipalities often adopt employee manuals just to place on a shelf to collect dust.   The dust is cleaned off when a problem arises that requires the assistance of the adopted manual. In this workshop, the speakers will address the importance of maintaining an up-to-date employee manual for legal compliance as well as preparedness before a problem arises with an employee.

Carolyn Clay Hall, Partner, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
Michele Scott, Clerk-Treasurer, City of Portland

3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Broadband, Wireless Deployment and Compliance   

High-speed Internet continues to be the critical infrastructure that powers our increasingly digital economy.  Learn about new broadband industry trends and two recently passed Indiana laws that aim to increase build out of wireless broadband and fiber in more communities.  

Leah McGrath, Deputy Mayor, City of Fishers

Bill Soards, President, AT&T
Representative Eric Koch, State of Indiana
Eric Shields, Vice President, Policy & Strategic Initiatives, Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Tips and Tricks When Selecting a New Software Solution    

Whether you are in the market for a new ERP/financial management system, CAD/RMS for public safety, or even productivity tools such as email, this session will focus on the best practices and lessons learned when searching for new software. This in-depth workshop will focus on the full lifecycle of this process, from determining the type of product and defining requirements to developing an RFP. This session will give you the tools you need to find the correct technology and an idea of how to implement it.

Alicia L. Antonetti-Tricker, PMP, Senior Manager, Crowe Horwath LLP

Enhancing Quality of Life with Traditional Public Works Projects

Municipalities must address the growing needs of aging infrastructure, while at the same time respond to demands for more sustainable communities.  A new and effective sustainability standard, makes meeting both of these challenges a possibility.  This workshop examines how communities can apply the ENVISION criteria to all of their infrastructure needs.  Presenters will demonstrate how decision-makers can use the new approach during the planning and design process to uncover opportunities that will enhance the overall economic, social and environmental quality of life of their community.  Implementation will be presented as a case study and will demonstrate how the benefits of ENVISION are being realized in a real-world application for the city of Muncie.

Michael R. Cline, Vice President, Muncie Sanitary District
Cassie Reiter, Project Manager, Crawford, Murphy and Tilly

Executing Financial and Comprehensive Plans 

Unfortunately Comprehensive Plans cannot execute themselves and few come with owner’s manuals instructing the municipality on the use and care of the completed study.  This workshop will illustrate how the City of Huntington uses its Comprehensive Financial Plan in the decision making process through a depiction of a monthly Senior Team Leadership Meeting.  The panel will review the City’s last 5 years, the direction Huntington is moving towards now and how/why the comprehensive financial planning and comprehensive plan for the City are critical to its success.

Mayor Brooks L. Fetters, City of Huntington
Anthony Goodnight, Director of Public Works and Engineering Services, City of Huntington
Bryn Keplinger, Director of Community Development and Redevelopment, City of Huntington
Todd Samuelson, Executive Partner, Umbaugh


10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

The Proper Uses of TIF    

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a key economic development tool that cities and towns use to improve quality of life, attract businesses and provide infrastructure.  Stay informed about the legal, practical, regulatory and procedural matters involved with using TIF by attending this workshop.  In addition, hear the latest on the appellate court decision in the Munster Redevelopment Commission vs. State Board of Accounts case and hear about the amicus brief that was filed in that case by IACT and two of its affiliate groups:  the Indiana Municipal Lawyers’ Association (IMLA) and the Redevelopment Association of Indiana (RAI).

Thomas K. "Buddy" Downs, Partner, Ice Miller LLP
Gary Malone, Principal, Umbaugh
Mayor Huck Lewis, City of Lebanon

Managing Smart   

5 things that guarantee you’ll get into trouble

All over Indiana, cities and towns are doing more with less.  Municipalities are balancing how to provide services for their citizens while reducing spending.  They are managing smarter and more efficiently to make their municipalities attractive to citizens and businesses. This workshop will highlight five kinds of trouble public officials can get into including evaluating critical decisions, taking on major projects, the acceptance of grants and subsidies, dealing with employee issues and striving to be seen as a good municipal citizen.

Hear expert advice about staying out of trouble with simple, straight-forward things you can and should do or think about before you act.

Betty Knight, Partner, Knight Hoppe Kurnik & Knight Ltd., courtesy of Bliss McKnight, Inc.

Is the Design Build Approach Right for Your Capital Project?   

Design Build...
is a term used regularly now when considering capital projects. As the State of Indiana and some local communities have implemented projects using this and other alternatives to conventional processes, municipalities should consider whether or not this approach is right for each project.  Hear from experts in architecture, engineering, construction and finance who have successfully implemented design-build projects for local governments in Indiana.  You'll learn the meaning of Design Build, options to consider, and how to go about implementing such an approach in your community.

Josh Goode, DLZ Corporation

Stephen Kromkowski, Principal Architect, DLZ Corporation
John Seever, Partner, Umbaugh
Robert Volkmann, Town Manager, Town of Schererville

Digital Communication and Indiana's Access to Public Records Act    

The ease of use and vast availability of communications media today have blurred the lines of personal and business correspondence. What is “public business” now matters since the Public Access Counselor has ruled that any email, correspondence or other electronic communication about public business is a public record under the Access to Public Records Act. This is so regardless of the server from which the email or communication was sent. So what communications might be potentially discloseable today?

Bradley Dick, Associate, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
Michael Griffin, Clerk-Treasurer, Highland
Jonathan Hughes, Associate, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP

Vendor Solutions Workshop: Expand Your Economic Development & Redevelopment Toolkit - Crowe Horwath LLP

From creating new TIF districts to managing new leads, economic development and redevelopment officials must collect, analyze and report on a significant amount of information.  Learn about services and tools available to support your economic development and redevelopment initiatives, including tax increment financing districts, abatements, leads and opportunities and reporting.  We will discuss our experience helping Indiana communities succeed in these areas, and demonstrate our proven technology solution called Crowe Common Point 360 (CCP 360).  CCP 360 tracks leads and opportunities, marketing campaigns, incentive agreements and TIF districts – including the DLGF-required redevelopment commission annual reports.  
All session attendees will be entered to win a GoPro Camera at the end of the presentation!

Angie Steeno, Government Financial Advisory Consultant, Crowe Horwath LLP
Ryan Dunn, Government Advisory Consultant, Crowe Horwath LLP

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Understanding Indiana's New Annexation Requirements - Part 1   

During the 2015 legislative session, a sweeping annexation reform bill was passed - Senate Enrolled Act 330.  In part one of this two part workshop, the focus will be on the legislation that passed as well as on the new educational outreach program which now must be completed six-months prior to the adoption of all annexation ordinances. Learn about the new requirements to annexation and how to make your annexations go as smoothly as possible by instituting a well-developed PR plan.

Rhonda Cook, Deputy Director - Chief Federal and State Policy Officer, IACT
Louis E. Gerig, President and Partner, Sease, Gerig & Associates

Managing Smart   

5 things that guarantee you’ll get into trouble

All over Indiana, cities and towns are doing more with less.  Municipalities are balancing how to provide services for their citizens while reducing spending.  They are managing smarter and more efficiently to make their municipalities attractive to citizens and businesses. This workshop will highlight five kinds of trouble public officials can get into including evaluating critical decisions, taking on major projects, the acceptance of grants and subsidies, dealing with employee issues and striving to be seen as a good municipal citizen.

Hear expert advice about staying out of trouble with simple, straight-forward things you can and should do or think about before you act.

Betty Knight, Partner, Knight Hoppe Kurnik & Knight Ltd., courtesy of Bliss McKnight, Inc.

The Benefits of Open Data Initiatives and Implementation Strategies for Cities and Towns 

Learn about open data from the experts! Open data is able to be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone. This workshop is to not only educate, but open the discussion for benefits and ways to implement. Governments are interested, but do not have the time or resources to consider steps to open data in their communities. Presenters will provide some ideas and address concerns as well as provide examples of how this effort can pay off. 

Jim Corridan, State Archivist and Director, Indiana Archives and Records Administration
Matt Kirby, Owner, Mean City Consulting & Founder/Captain, Open Indy Brigade
Scott Moshier, Principal Consultant - Data Analysis, Netlogx

3 Benefits Sources for Police Officers and Firefighters     

What do you do when a police officer or firefighter is injured? Police and Firefighters have more than one avenue available for compensation for injuries and disabilities.  Do you know how to proceed through the police and firefighters disability system? Do you know when the workers compensation laws apply?  Do you know about Indiana’s Hurt on Duty law and when it applies?  A recent Court of Appeals decision ends some of the confusion in this area of the law.  The three avenues for compensation will be discussed by a panel to help you know how to proceed when injuries or disabilities occur.

Libby Roberts, Church Church Hittle & Antrim
Cecilie Hendrix, Director of Human Resources, Fishers
Jennifer Lowery, Client Services Consultant, Indiana Public Retirement Systems

How Indiana Downtown® Has Brought People & Prosperity to Countless Indiana Downtowns  

IACT’s downtown technical assistance program, offered in partnership with downtown experts HyettPalma, Inc., can provide your community a detailed road map to jump-start and energize your downtown revitalization efforts.  Defining a vision for your community’s downtown, preparing a market analysis and developing a strategy to move your downtown's economy forward are just a few of the topics highlighted by this program.  You will also hear from municipal officials as they continue to implement ideas from their Downtown Action Agendas and how the Indiana Downtown program has rejuvenated their downtowns.

Mayor Anthony Copeland, City of East Chicago
Dolores Palma, HyettPalma
Doyle Hyatt, HyettePalma
Laura Parker, Deputy Town Manager, Town of Danville

3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Understanding Indiana's New Annexation Requirements - Part 2   

During the 2015 legislative session, a sweeping annexation reform bill was passed – Senate Enrolled Act 330.  In part two of this workshop, the focus will be on development of the annexation fiscal plan and its new requirements.  In addition, changes with the remonstrance process will be explained in detail.  This workshop will help you understand the nuances of the annexation statute after its reform this year. 

Deen Rogers, Prinicipal, Umbaugh
Nicholas Kile, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Successfully Incorporating ADA Requirements   

Over the past few years, local public agencies (LPAs) within Indiana have stepped up compliance regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Some LPAs have done exceptionally well by completing and incorporating ADA requirements within their transition plans.  This workshop will highlight the successful practices so other communities can learn the lessons to better incorporate ADA requirements within their own transition plans.

Cathy Gross, ADA Coordinator, City of Monticello
Erin Hall, Attorney, Title VI/ADA Program Manager, Indiana Department of Transportation
Laurie Hardwick, City Attorney, City of Greencastle
Kenneth Woodruff, Civil Rights Program Manager, Federal Highway

Answering the Many Questions about Public Safety Body Cameras 

Although several municipalities in Indiana have adopted the use of police body cameras over the past few years, recent national events have accelerated the interest in the role such technology can play in contemporary policing strategies. The driving force behind outfitting police officers with body cameras is the belief that recording police-civilian interactions will increase accountability and reduce exposure to unwarranted litigation. However, successful implementation of this emerging technology presents many challenges for policymakers who must carefully consider crucial policy decisions, including but not limited to public access to the videos, privacy, and the cost of storing large amounts of data. 

Dennis Anderson, Chief of Police, Town of Whitestown
Maggie Marnocha, Assistant City Attorney, City of Elkhart

Integrating Cultural Awareness and Understanding across Your Community

As Indiana becomes more culturally diverse through immigration, communities must find a way to make their newest residents feel safe, secure, and involved. This workshop will focus on ways to work with minority populations to help them thrive and contribute in their new home. The City of Goshen will highlight their newly implemented program, a partnership with their Community Relations Commission and police department to explain police operations to immigrants and explain the rights that even undocumented residents have during police interactions.  

Mayor Allan Kauffman, City of Goshen

Wade Branson, Chief of Police, City of Goshen
Marlene Dotson, President & CEO, Indiana Latino Institute
Mario Mora, Detective, City of Goshen
Gilberto Pérez, Jr. MSW, ACSW, Senior Director for Intercultural Development and Educational Partnerships, Goshen College

Vendor Solutions Workshop: Connectivity & Continuity in the Digital Age - Comcast

Elected officials, just like business owners, should look at many factors when considering communication services for their community. Internet speed, functionality, local support, ease of use, reliability and security are just as critical as price. Learn how to analyze and prepare your networks for the increasing demand for data while insuring for proper disaster preparedness.

Rusty DeWitt, Director of Small and Medium Business Solutions, Comcast
Rob Patterson, Manager of Enterprise Solutions, Comcast 


10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

GAAP, CAFR, Where are we headed?    

To many Indiana communities, terms like GAAP and CAFR are undefined strange letters that evoke emotions ranging from nervousness, to dread and in some cases outright defiance. This workshop will help to properly frame the discussion of accrual accounting and why it is important to Indiana local governments. The workshop will focus on the practical aspects of the legislative changes and translate these letters into plain English.

Dan Hedden, Partner, Umbaugh

Jasper's Giga City:  An Initiative Promoting Talent Attraction and Quality of Life 

This January the city of Jasper announced a total fiber installation project that will enhance the community’s talent and business attraction efforts. Once the multi-year project is complete, Jasper residents will have access to a full gigabit fiber network, which will feature high-speed in-home and business wireless gigabit connectivity. Participants will hear details on the project and how residents, businesses and entrepreneurs will benefit from the “Fiber to Premises” installation.  

Todd May, Director of Sales & Marketing, Smithville Communications
Mayor Terry Seitz, City of Jasper

Best Practices for Working with Developers and Builders   

During the last legislative session, several changes were made to the local planning and zoning laws that will require cities and towns to update their ordinances. For an example, new limits were placed on cities and towns that utilize maintenance and/or performance bonds on developments within their communities. This workshop will explore the practices necessary for compliance with the changes to state law, the protection of the taxpayers and the growth of the municipality.

Jonathan Blake, Senior Planner, Department of Development Services, Town of Brownsburg
Tom Dickey, Managing Director, Hageman Group
Michael McBride, Vice President, American Structurepoint, Inc.

New Affordable Care Act Taxes and Reporting Requirements:  Are You Prepared?  

The new IRS filings related to the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) shared responsibility penalties will be due early next year. The administrative burden associated with completing these forms will be significant for many municipalities. This workshop will provide a refresher on the Sledgehammer and Mallet penalties, and then a detailed discussion on the new IRS forms that will need to be distributed and filed next year. In addition, this workshop will also address the upcoming Cadillac Tax and how municipalities can best prepare for the bumpy road ahead. NOTE: This workshop will be most helpful for municipalities with at least 50 full-time equivalent employees. Smaller towns with fully insured medical plans are not responsible for the IRS filings related to the shared responsibility penalties.

Jim Hamilton, Partner, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, IACT Medical Trust Legal Counsel

Vendor Solutions Workshop: Public Private Partnerships (P3s) - HWC Engineering

Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are a key tool for communities to achieve economic development success in a way that minimizes risk, enhances the speed of development and redevelopment and maximizes the return on public investments. This workshop will use examples of existing P3s in Indiana communities to outline key elements of successful partnerships and how this collaboration can help achieve implementation of community vision with the successful delivery of actual projects.

Terry Baker, Vice President, HWC Engineering
Russell Brown, Fort Harrison Reuse Authority
Chris Hamm, Economic Development, HWC Engineering
Mayor Dennis Tyler, City of Muncie



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